Structure-Borne Noise Explained

Structure borne noise or structure borne sound is defined as noise that occurs from the impact of an object hitting a surface, like heavy footsteps falling against a floor. The impact causes both sides of the inflicted surface to vibrate and generate sound waves. For example, if your upstairs neighbor drops a book onto the floor, the collision will vibrate from the floor up into their space as well as down the other side, through the ceiling of your space.

The key to reducing structure-borne noise is weakening the vibrations created from the noise source. While it is impossible to eliminate all structure-borne noise, there are a number of ways to greatly reduce it.

Ways To Reduce Structure Borne Noise

The first thing you’ll want to do is check for sound leaks in your walls. Even the smallest cracks allow structure-borne noise to enter your space more easily, so be meticulous in your search. Windows and doors tend to be the most susceptible areas, but any gaps will lend to the noise problem. After you have located these weak spots, fill them in with sound blocking sealant or caulk to reinforce the structure and make it more difficult for sound to penetrate.

Once you have sealed any leaks, you may need to take the reinforcement a step further by installing a layer of “acoustical wallpaper.” This material is durable, lightweight and easy to install, all while reducing airborne noise by up to 75%. Once hung, the “wallpaper” can be primed and painted over so no one will even know it’s there.

If your structure-borne sound problem is extreme, or if it is coming from inside the building itself via pipes and other mechanical noise sources, it may require a more intricate fix. The Wall Blokker and Wall Blokker Pro are engineered to mitigate a wide range of frequencies for superior noise reduction. These sound reduction materials are designed for installation behind a finished wall during construction or between an existing wall and a new layer of drywall during renovations.

If your structure-borne sound problem is coming from below, a similar product exists for your floor. The Floor Blokker is the best solution for combating noise from below by blocking the transmission of sound waves through the floor.

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