Making a Soundproof Privacy Fence

Traffic, the neighbor’s dog barking, and many other environmental noises can decrease quality of life. If you live close to the highway, or perhaps near a commercial or industrial area, soundproofing inside your home might not be enough. Implementing a soundproof privacy fence can give you extra privacy, and the peace and quiet you deserve.

Build a DIY Soundproof Privacy Fence with the Fence Blokker

The Fence Blokker is a special product made from Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). A dense but flexible soundproofing polymer that allows for sound dampening and sound blocking. This product is engineered to block and deflect soundwaves, all while being resistant to weathering conditions. The Fence Blokker comes reinforced with a carbon-fiber layer and UV-protection. It will not shrink or rot, and it won’t cause mold, mildew, or metal corrosion, making it an ideal solution for those who live in humid climates or with a lot of precipitation.

The product can be easily attached to many types of fencing, grating, and construction barriers. The Fence Blokker can also be painted with acrylic latex vinyl-based paint to fit residential spaces and can reduce sound transmission by 70-85%.

Installing Your Sound Privacy Fence

Installing a sound privacy fence with the Fence Blokker is easy! This product comes with grommets, it’s portable and can be easily rolled-up, moved, and stored.

What You will need:

  • Utility knife
  • Zip ties
  • Wall Blokker
  • An extra pair of hands
  1. Use your utility knife and cut the Fence Blokker to the length of the fence or to the length of desired panels. Leave 1 to 2 additional inches at the bottom to ensure your barrier has a snug fit along the ground.
  2. Then place the panels in the expected location or position and allow about a 3-inch overlap on each side.
  3. With the help of another person, hold the Fence Blokker with the grommets showing, and zip tie it along the top.
  4. Allow the Fence Blokker to drape downward and secure the sides any other place you find necessary. If you the panels are longer than 10-feet, you can add additional grommet holes to ensure the barrier is properly secured.

Sound privacy fences are extremely versatile, they can be easily molded and wrapped around different areas and objects. You can use them around equipment such as HVAC units or pool pumps.

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