AcoustiStep floor underlayment
AcoustiStep floor underlaymentAcoustiStep floor underlayment 1

AcoustiStep Underlayment


With a Delta-IIC of 26, AcoustiStep is best used in homes or commercial projects with wood or laminate flooring. Designed to achieve an IIC of 50+ on a number of substrates, the sound mat installs easily over plywood or concrete subfloors.

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Meant to be installed underneath any style flooring, the AcoustiStep is a highly engineered sound-damping underlayment that is designed to create quieter living or working spaces throughout an entire space.

Made of crumbled rubber and cork composite, the AcoustiStep acoustic underlayment provides a delta-IIC of 26 points, allowing maximum soundproofing from footfall in residential and commercial applications.


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