mass loaded vinyl soundproof direct
mass loaded vinyl soundproof directmass loaded vinyl soundproof direct 1

MLV Sound Barrier

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Mass Loaded Vinyl, or MLV, is a Vinyl-based sound membrane designed to add maximum soundproofing and dampening to your wall assembly. With STC 26, our MLV can improve wall soundproofing performances by 40% or more. Much more efficient than simply stacking layers of drywall, Mass Loaded Vinyl can be used to provide broad-frequency sound attenuation performance.

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Mass Loaded Vinyl – Features & Benefits

Our Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Sound Barrier is a specially designed mass loaded vinyl product engineered to block the transmission sound waves. Sound Barrier is a cost-effective noise solution and is one of the more versatile products on the market as far as application. It can be used for enclosing noise sources, deflecting sound waves, and can be wrapped around or molded to the shape of something allowing it to be used in a wide variety of sound scenarios.

MLV Sound Barrier soundproofing material is a high density, nonporous material that exhibits a non-resonant quality due to its flexible nature. It is one of our most popular soundproofing products. The MLV Sound Barrier is available in various sizes and densities, blocking the transmission of sound energy and damping vibrations caused by sound energy in any environment.

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Roll Size

4'x25', 4'x50'

4 reviews for MLV Sound Barrier

  1. Chelsi Jong

    my client asked that i use the vinyl sound barrier they sell here. We ordered it and got it 3 days later – really pleased with the quality. Truck had a lift gate to help us get it down or i wouldve needed 2-3 guys to help unload the pallet. installed on ceiling/walls/floors – it was quiet before we even put the drywall on! super pleased with customer support and product.

  2. Kim Salling

    We installed this product on metal studs with excellent results! Had a consultant come and test afterward with good stc

  3. Roger Stanley

    The Mass Loaded vinyl is really heavy stuff. It seemed to do the job on our walls well though. We had our contractor put it into the movie studio/theater and the master bed wall, and both of them are really quiet for us now…

  4. Gene upshaw

    we use this in our walls now when we build new. Works fine – good price.

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