wall blokker pro soundproof direct 1
wall blokker pro soundproof direct 1wall blokker pro soundproof direct

Wall Blokker Pro


Wall Blokker PRO is the heaviest duty mass loaded vinyl on the market due to its fused polyester scrim layer. Designed for maximum soundproofing and decoupling.

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Wall Blokker PRO is a specially engineered and unique sound reduction material that combines a flexible mass loaded barrier and a soft, fibrous isolation layer to mitigate sound over a wide frequency range. Designed to be used anywhere superior noise reduction is required, Wall Blokker PRO can be installed behind a finished wall during new construction or can be placed between an existing wall and an additional drywall layer. The flexibility of Wall Blokker PRO also makes it extremely effective when used to cover pipe and duct chases to reduce mechanical noises.


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