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Wall Blokker


Wall Blokker is an EVA-based Mass Loaded Vinyl designed to improve wall assembly performance by 6-12 STC points. Tested in dozens of metal- and wood-stud wall configurations, it installs easily with staples or screws into the studs.

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Wall Blokker is a highly engineered sound barrier for sound reduction. The Wall Blokker is a mass loaded barrier, which is flexible and designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications. It is used primarily behind a finished wall to block and reduce noise transfer across a wide array of frequencies and can be placed between an existing wall and a second layer of drywall. Wall Blokker can be applied as a covering on pipe, ducting and as a cross-talk barrier.

As a limp mass barrier, it adds significant weight to the wall, which is critical to low-frequency attenuation. However, the flexibility greatly improves the dampening characteristics of the wall, providing decoupling between adjacent rigid elements.

Wall Blokker is our premier MLV, and is the most cost-effective Mass Loaded Vinyl barrier on the market.

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Weight 32-100 lbs